Under Armour - SpeedForm Gemini 2 Review

By  Melissa Robertson
Category: Training

Thanks to Running Heroes & Under Armour I got some shiny new shoes to try out and review. The Brand new Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 2’s!

My initial thought when I opened the box containing the Gemini 2 ’s was “Wow, they are so shiny and clean!”. The Gemini 2 ’s are some very nice looking running shoes with the mesh on top, a solid heel, reflective dots on the front and back and a brightly coloured UA logo on the side. I immediately put them on and spent the rest of the work day strutting around the office in my shiny new shoes.


They got their first real outing on the Saturday when I took them on an 11km run with Terrigal Trotters. It was pouring rain and while most of the run was on the road, there was also some beach and trails thrown in to mix it up. How ’d the shoes go? They cushioned my feet nicely on the road sections, were light enough to make the sand running almost enjoyable and had enough tread to handle the little trail sections. The mesh on top meant that they even drained well and didn ’t hold the water as I sloshed through puddles.

I threw some speed into the mix when I attempted to chase down Kirsten, another Trotter who was trying to steal my Strava records. I chased her up a steep street and could feel the shoes slipping a little as I pushed off from the very wet road, but not enough to alter my stride, just enough to remind me to be careful as I was running on a wet and slippery road.

The Gemini 2 ’s then got to spend the rest of the week training with me; trail runs, road runs, tempo session, track work, stair repeats, gym sessions, standing desk at work, cycling to the coffee shop. It was a very exciting week for them and they held up brilliantly. As far as an all round shoe goes, they have it going on!

Then it was time for the real test. The Terrigal Trotters 10km Time Trial. I went out hard, which I regretted pretty much immediately, but it was too late to reconsider, t he Gemini 2 ’s and I were committed. They held up their side of the bargain, lightweight, speedy, handling the semi-wet road, providing just the right amount of cushioning, they were great. Shame about my legs which were still fatigued and not so great . I still managed to pull off a good time which was a nice surprise.




The Gemini 2 ’s were perfect straight out of the box, I didn ’t even need to run them in. They handled a mix of terrain and were particularly good on the road and in the rain. If you ’re looking for some stylish new road runners or all round training shoes I can highly recommend them. I can also say that I’m still happily wearing them.

Great looking shoes which are light enough to race in and strong enough to train in.


Want to know more?

You can find out all the technical details of the Gemini 2's on the Under Armour site at: (I have the Sky Blue ones)

Running Heroes is a great website where you earn points by syncing up your GPS runs and can then enter challenges to win rewards like free race entries & running gear or exchange points for discounts on all sorts of things. It’s free to sign up and very easy to use. I have it synced to my Strava account so all my runs copy straight across and earn me points or count towards the challenges. Check it out: (This is my referral link, you get 25 bonus when you sign up using it ;)


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