Spartan World Championship Tryouts

By  Melissa Robertson

Today I set a new record for time from the start of a race to being completely covered in mud of <10 seconds as the Spartan World Championship Team tryouts started down the super steep hill and I slipped, fell and then started sliding down the hill. The Coast Runnersshop had given me a shiny new green shirt to wear, like all my other clothes from today It’s now brown.


I found the tryouts insanely difficult as we had to carry 25kg+ sandbags up and down super steep hills, drag a tyre up and down a hill, then a couple of extra km's, cement blocks up and down hills, hangs & pull-ups, spear throw, lots of burpees and burpee jumps, lunges (actually this part I found ok), 20kg deadball carry, 40kg farmers carry, and a couple of runs (this was my favourite part).

The part of the day that I found the hardest was the sandbag carry in front, so to mimic a bucket carry we had to switch the 25kg+ sandbag from our shoulders and could only carry it in front of us, up a hill then down the other side. It was on this hill that I didn’t blow up, I completely broke. I said I was going to kill Matt Murphy (course creator), that I wanted to kill the sandbag, that I hated this whole thing…. I can’t actually remember everything that I said, I was completely gone at that point, but they could hear me from the top of the hill, so I was filled in later on. 

The strength requirement was what did it in for me, with a 4th place finish the best I could manage. I’m a bit disappointed, but I know for sure that I had absolutely nothing else to give, and the fact that even after 4 1/2 hours of torture I could still set a decent running pace along the last long trail run, does give me confidence for The Great North Walk 100s

Congrats to DeannaJanet Ann & Leah for making the team and smashing me with your superior speed and strength.

Thanks to everyone who was out there today for the encouragement especially JarradMacauleyJimB Arlene Lind & Paul. Also thanks to Max for putting on such a well organised event.


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