Preparing for GNW100 - Week 1 - Wednesday

By  Melissa Robertson
Category: Training

An early start to get in the required Km's. Followed by the regular Wendesday night trivia outing.


This morning it's a longish run, easy pace, but more then the usual K's so I need to get up earlier then normal and be out the door at 4:30am. There was no set location for the 17km's, so I decided to head to Cromarty and over the hill to Forresters Beach, running to the turnaround point which is as far south as you can run before you hit sand. Plus a bit extra at the end across Shelly Beach Golf Course to make up an extra k or so. I ended up with a hilly run closer to 18kms then 17kms... But close enough.

  • AM - 17km run
  • Lunch - Stretching & Rolling



A big run means a big breakfast and today it was a Black Bean Quesadilla on the office sandwich toaster. One of the more delicious and filling semi-regular breakfasts that I like to make on the sandwich toaster, this particular one also makes enough for 3 meals, and I have no issues eating the same thing for multiple days. Apart from Monday & Sunday my main meals tend be at lunch time rather then dinner time. I find this works better with any night time training and it's also when I get hungrier.

  • Breakfast: Black Bean Quesadilla
  • Lunch: 12WBT Beef Moussaka
  • Snacks: Banana, Large Mocha, Orange
  • Dinner: A birthday cupcake (We celebrated Brad's 14th birthday at trivia)



The rear truck on my Skateboard is kind of broken, it's lost a piece of rubber that it needs to hold it in place. So my trips to and from the gym are less exciting then I'd like this week. One of the things I have at work on the wall next to my desk are race details, mostly course profiles or race stats, particularly for upcoming races. I find it helps when I want something to look at and I also tend to memorise the stats of the race so I know what to expect and what my goal times are. As for the standing desk, my feet are still sore.... I have no intention of giving up, I jsut hope they get used to the standing thing sooner rather then later.

What Else I Get Up To

Wednesday night is Trivia Night. It's the one night a week which I pretty much refuse to train. A group of us go to The Bay Sports Club every Wednesday night for a couple of hours of trivia, our team isn't particularly good, but we do occasionally win. Tonight is no different, we do ok, but no prizes for us. Deb did however bring some tasty cupcakes for Brad's birthday.


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