Preparing for GNW100 - Week 1 - Monday

By  Melissa Robertson
Category: Training

I'm doing a week of my life as a blog as I start training for the GNW 100 miler which is in September. This is my first week of dedicated training, it was meant to start last week but after running a PW in the Trotters Handicap Time Trial and then a terrible low HR session, I was told to have a week off and start training next week. 

Rolling and Stretching


Monday is a rest day, so there is no training. However I do ride my skateboard to the gym (1.5kms away) to do my rolling and stretching session. I pack my own foam roller and accessories and spend around 20-30 minutes rolling and stretching. Mostly my legs, hips etc and a little upper body. The gym I go to is called Balance at Mayfield and it's also the gym where the Knights players train, so there's frequently footballers wandering around. Dad likes to know who they are, but I have no idea about football... They are all just really big guys that wander around parts of the gym. Also, only going there to roll & stretch means that I don't need to get changed...

  • Rest day
  • Stretching & Rolling



Monday I the day that I bring in some sort of baking from the weekend, today it was a Blueberry & Coconut cake. This is not a sugar-free, gluten-free cake... It's pure cake. Tasty, tasty cake! Although I ate too much yesterday, so today everyone else can have some. When I cook dessert on Sunday I make enough for the Sunday night dinner party, work the next day & family dinner night at mums place tonight, so there's always lots of cake, cookies etc etc

  • Breakfast: Fruit Salad with a few oats (25g oats, banana, pear & mandarine)
  • Lunch: Homemade chicken burrito (lefotver from last night w/ chicken, pineapple, cheese, salsa, sour cream & lettuce on a wholegrain tortilla)
  • Snacks: Orange
  • Dinner: Slow cooked lamb with veggies and blueberry coconut cake & a babyccinno for dessert

Standing Desk


Work is pretty standard each day. But rather excitingly as of last Thursday I now have a standing desk. So far my feet are getting sore, but I figure I'll adapt and this will help when I have to be running for 24hrs straight. I haven't actually lowered the standing desk yet, instead I spend 7.5 hours standing all day and just sit down for breakfast & lunch. Plus the long drive to and from work (a bit over an hour each way).


What Else I Get Up To

Not having to train in the morning means I have a bit more time so I do some contracting work and give the chooks all the scraps from yesterday. Monday nights are spent at mums place for family dinner night where we had slow cooked lamb & I played with the small children.


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