Preparing for GNW100 - Week 1 - Friday

By  Melissa Robertson
Category: Training
Lighter on the training and it's also the most exciting day of the week with both #sandwichtoasterfriday and #bbqfriday


red gum
This morning it's active recovery with a 1km swim at Mingara Pool. In general I'm a pretty terrible swimmer, my form is not particularly good and I'd need to do a lot of work if I ever want to look at going in a triathlon, although i'm sure that at some stage that will happen. At least I'm better than the Sea Cucumbers. The pool at Minga's is busy every morning, most of the lanes are full of squad swimmers with only 2 pubic lanes open, I go in the slower of the two lanes, the fast one tends to be actual swimmers or triathletes.
On the way home I stop off for my 1 hour run. I will admit that it is kind of crazy to pull over on the side of Wilfred Barrett Drive, jump out of the car, put a headlamp on and dissapear into the dark and cold red gum forest to run around for an hour, but it's also very convenient with the loops and Wetland Track taking right on an hour to run. And fortunately I didn't get eaten by a ghost, there were only wallabies & possums out there tonight.
  • AM - 1km Swim
  • PM - 1hr run through the Red Gum Forest


Friday is a very special day for food. Every Friday I like to make something special on the Sandwich Toaster for breakfast and today it was Pineapple Pancakes  these went surprisingly well and tasted like both pineapple and banana, but were more then sweet enough that they didn't need honey or maple syrup added.

pineapple pancakes

  • Breakfast: 4 Pineapple Pancakes & Small Mocha
  • Lunch: 2 sausage wraps (beef & pork) with Kaleslaw
  • Snacks: Carrot sticks, Orange, Apple
  • Dinner: 4 leftover Pineapple Pancakes


Friday is an awesome day for work. It's called Fitness Friday and I get to work on the Fitness Passport website, I actually quite like working on this site, the work is interesting and all the existing code is nice and neat to work with, plus the best part is that I get a Fitness Passport so I can go to ALL the gyms (or most of the gyms). On top of that it's also BBQ day! Every Friday work has a lunchtime BBQ with sausages (from the Premium butcher conveniently around the corner), salad & wraps. I love BBQ Friday. There's also beers after 4pm, which would be good if I drank beer.... Instead I just have to avoid the cleaners who come in and vacuum around me.


The standing desk is still going well and after a week of standing at it I can't say that it's gotten any easier on my feet. I'm sure they'll adapt soon......

What Else I Get Up To

I left home early this morning to go swimming and didn't get home until late because of the stop off to go running in the Red Gum Forest. This doesn't leave a whole lot of spare time, so the time that I do have I manage to get my stuff sorted for tomorrow and pack my new running pack (courtesy of Inov8) that I'm trying out on tomorrow's Wakefield to Congewai run. It's an early start with pickup at 5:30am. 


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