Post GNW Recovery Week

By  Melissa Robertson
Category: Training
This week has been dedicated to recovery. Lots and lots of recovery.... 
The first couple of days all I did was walk at lunchtime, just stretching out the legs and drinking copious amounts of water. Particularly on Sunday I just couldn't get enough water. It was also a good opportunity to catch up on everything else in my life that has been getting ignored because all my time has been spent training (I still need to organise a new downpipe and side fence, it's just fortunate that the chooks aren't particularly adventurous when it comes to escaping the yard).


I got a massage on Tuesday night and while my muscles were "well-used" everything seemed to be fine which is very reassuring. I got back into exercise on Thursday with an easy 1km swim followed by a core session. Then had my first run on Friday morning along my favourite running track which as it turns out was an awesome day for a run. It was the day after the Bateau Bay hailstorm and the track was still all covered in hail. I've never run on ice before, it was weird, slippery and cool. I was very excited running down from Crackneck.
Saturday was back at Trotters where I pushed it a bit on the run, then got lost in the Pony Club, then continued to push it a bit on the way back while I ran with Kirsten. Nothing above tempo pace just enough that I wanted to stretch my legs and reassure myself that I can still run. It's weird thinking back on GNW, I know I was in a lot of pain, I just can't actually remember the pain anymore. But it's good to know that I can still run. I followed up Trotters with bootcamp, then a bike ride to get a haircut. My regular energy levels were back.

Sunday Run

Sunday was my first long(ish) run back. As a group of us headed off into Ourimbah State Forest to explore a new trail. Matt, Katy, Kirsten, Mick and I all left from Palmdale at 6am, Matt turned off at the roundabout, but the rest of us continued on headed for the pipeline (Secret Buffalo training spot) and then followed a track towards the Yoga retreat to see if we could get out of the bush that way. The answer is maybe, maybe if the woman in the kitchen wasn't watching the group of runners standing at the edge of the bush in the backyard of what I think was the Yoga retreat. We did consider a sprint in the general direction of the road. But it was decided maybe not this time and back onto the track it was, through the rainforest section and the horse paddock (thankfully empty of horses). I really enjoyed this run and I think that's what I need to get back. Early in the week I didn't want to run which is uncommon for me, normally I ALWAYS want to run, so I know that when I don't want to run I really do need to just chill and enjoy the rest.
But now I need to start training again... Rest is over. There are more races to plan.


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