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My favourite thing to do is to go trail running, pretty much any trail, anywhere… my second favourite thing to do is to go on a wineries tour by bike. Fortunately there’s a surprising number of races in wine country so this works well.

For my day job I work as a Web Developer specialising in Coldfusion (LinkedIn). This website is created using the CMS developed by Telligence the company I work for, so if you find any bugs in it, I’ll be the person fixing it!

Blue mountains

I live on the Central Coast, NSW and do most of my training in the bush around this way. Originally I wasn’t much into running as that was what dad did which made it pretty uncool. But growing up we did get to go to a lot of races that he was running in, not that I remember the races, but I do remember having great fun exploring places like Jenolan Caves as dad was doing his weird running thing on Six Foot Track. We also did a lot of bushwalking which was mums thing, she would take us for a “picnic” which was really a “picnic & forced march” up to the top of some lookout, waterfall, lighthouse or whatever we were off to see that day.

Devines Hill

My transition into running didn’t start until I was in my twenties and I thought it would be useful if I could run. My first race was the local 12k Bay to Bay and I was pretty stoked when I actually managed to finish it. Soon after I moved to Sydney for work and continued the running, training up to run City to Surf and for the next few years I did random races and built up to running half marathons.

The breakthrough came for me in 2011 when I joined my local bootcamp on their trip down to Tough Bloke an obstacle course race and I absolutely loved it! It was running + mud + bush + random obstacles… It was great! For the next year and a bit I built up my running strength and completed my first marathon qualifying me for Six Foot Track, plus entered as many of these new obstacle races as I could.

Buffalo Stampede

In 2013 I ran my first Six Foot Track and backed this up a month later with my first competitive obstacle race, Spartan Race, a 7km Sprint event. Surprisingly I came 2nd in the Spartan Race and I was stoked! I figured this was something I could build on so I got in contact with a local Personal Trainer & Obstacle Racer, Matt Murphy (before he was famous) to see if he could coach me. Fortunately for me he was keen, so I now had a coach! I also joined dads running club Terrigal Trotters and it was on.

2013 was all about Obstacle Races for me as I got faster & stronger and headed off to the Spartan World Championships at the end of the year where I placed 15th in the world.

Come 2014 I started to focus more on the trail running and took over an hour off my Six Foot Track time from the previous year. I completed the GNW100 my first 100km Ultra towards the end of 2014 setting a new female record and backed it up the next morning by heading back out to Yarramalong and racing the Bumble Hill Burn a 6km race to the top of Bumble Hill.

2015 all my focus was on trail running and ultra's. With a string of podium finishes throughout the year and a 4th place finish at the highly contested TNF100 I cemented my place as a serious competitor in the longer trail ultra's

2016 started strong with a 2nd place in the 100km Tarawera Ultra and backing it up by taking out the Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam. I went out way too hard in the first half of the year and DNF'd UTA100. So now it's all about recovery and building back up stronger and faster with plans to race again next year.

2017 and I'm back running thanks to a lot of rehab from Aleisha at Focus Movement Therapy. With some podium finishes early in the year, I again came unstuck with a DNF at UTA100. Only this time it was a sprained ankle on Furber Steps. However, I'm now back racing and the rest of the year is looking strong.



Focus Movement Therapy
I'm immensely grateful to Aleisha and Erik from Focus Movement Therapy  for helping me recover from injury (ITBS & My sprained ankle at UTA) and getting me ready for each of my races. This is also where I go for my weekly pilates class with Alanna. They are based at Newcastle West and being runners themselves, they are fantastic at working with any running issues



I run and train with a few different groups/clubs/trainers